What does Alpha Build Institute?

The success of innovating companies is determined by the ability to identify and create profitable and sustainable business opportunities based on new technology.

Alpha Build specializes in crafting compelling new businesses for companies based on the profound research and identification of validated business opportunities – in the field of corporate venturing as well as in the startup environment.

Our vision is to discover fresh business opportunities. In addition, we want to achieve a deep understanding in how to build companies within an eco-system of loyal business partners.


 Alpha Build Institute is the world´s first institute dedicated to exploring all necessary activities in the field of Company Building.

Alpha Build Institute is part of a global network of leading innovation clusters with acknowledged research institutions and entrepreneurial practitioners in different DeepTech areas.

In addition to our local Munich innovation network, our worldwide company building ecosystem embraces all reputable reserach institutions for entrepreneurship and technology.

Alpha Build Institute is working on the following key questions of Company Building based on scientifically extended approaches of the Golden Circle according to Simon Sinek (2009):

WHY – The purpose and driver for new business
WHO – The people and mindset working on the business approach and its supporting network
WHAT – The value proposition and USP that differentiates the new venture
HOW – The processes, methodologies and structures for designing and scaling new business
WHICH – The main assets like deep-tech, know-how, customer access, resources and capital by which the new venture is equipped
WHEN – The appropriate sequence and right timing for all building steps towards a successful market launch and scaling

Research fields of Alpha Build Institute


Innovation Management

Technology Management


Corporate Development

Digital Transformation

Although basic research forms the scientific foundation of our work, we always take care that our results are applicable in practice.

In doing so, we use and maintain our distinct local and global network of leading practice and research partners that are located in the middle of innovation hot spots like Boston, Stanford or Pearl River Delta.

Our institute offers profound research on latest management knowlede and leading edge technology that leads to exciting new business opportunities for corporates and startups combining the strength of both worlds.

With that we achieve a transfer of Company Building know-how from science to practice for aspiring ventures striving for impactful business.

Prof. Dr. Heiko Seif (MBS)

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