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Building impactful corporate ventures

For corporate venture capitalists and mid-sized hidden champions we build impactful startups and bring them on their way to become market leaders. Therefore we leverage the strategic position of an existing company with the dynamic power of startups. 

From first concepts over the establishment of startups to growth and scaling ventures our team of experts starts with understanding customer needs to create benefits and develop valid business opportunities. With that, we get startups off the ground with a proven toolset and scientifically approved methods.

The success of innovating companies is determined by the creation of profitable and sustainable business opportunities.

Alpha Build specializes in crafting compelling new businesses for companies based on the profound research and identification of validated business opportunities.

Our vision is to explore undiscovered, hidden business opportunities. Hence, we build companies in a powerful eco-system that consists of loyal business partners.


Creating a clear understanding of the company’s own capabilities, technologies and unique selling propositions.

Commercialising products and services based on identified customer needs and researched markets.

Business Strategy

Developing of innovation and growth strategies for corporate venturing. 

Generating business models based on valuable business offers for attractive markets.


Building economically promising opportunities based on proven market demand with the help of our network.

Opening market access and business initiation for diversifying corporate ventures.


Building and developing impactful businesses through the use and integration of advanced technology.

Growing and scaling corporate ventures.

Fostering collaboration between startups and corporates. 





The reasons why for working with Alpha Build

– a faster go-to-market through the use of complementary resources

– the support of experienced founders and experts with profound knowledge

– the minimization of project risks with financial participation by Alpha Build itself

AND: having fun and enjoying the creation of a new companyies!

Our process follows a clear structure and describes all necessary tasks for the development and growth of companies. In addition, with our experts we deliver the next best activities to ensure the success of your business at any stage.

Together with you we build the success of your company.

Julian von der Neyen

Managing Director, Alpha Build GmbH

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